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Samantha Jayne

Hello boys and girls, I am sexy Samanthajayne and as you can see I have lovely big 54JJ boobs which loved to be played with on a daily basis. and I am hoping to let some of you very horny gentlemen have the pleasure for yourself.

I love doing my modelling and love to show my big heavy boobs at ever opportunity and would love to hear from you what you would love me to do next photo shoot, so come on boys and enjoy my amply body.... I also love ladies and I am very bisexual.

I have blonde hair and blue eyes and great legs, I love to dress up a bit tartie and walk down the street and watch men's faces, I love men to want to make love to me.


Samantha Jayne






1,60m/ 5'3


125 JJ/ 54 JJ


I love to laugh, travel, stay at the best hotels around the world, eat in lovely restaurants and I drink fine wines mainly champagne. I also love to kiss and i love to touch and be touched. I also want to be treated like a princess.


I hate people being rude or swearing and I really hate people with totally bad manners. I also hate seeing ladies wearing lots of cheap gold, that is so so tacky.
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